Imogen Davis

Imogen Davis

Why choose Imogen as your teacher? With over 25 years of teaching experience, advanced degrees in piano performance, extensive pedagogy (art of teaching) training in both Suzuki and Traditional approaches, under Imogen’s tutelage, you or your child will receive expert instruction that builds both skills and enthusiasm for playing the piano. Lessons are fun, paced individually, and designed to build confidence, skills, creativity and a love of music. Encouragement, clear and concise practice instructions and all the tools for a fluid, easy technique are part of each lesson, along with music theory, ear training and at least a small dose of humor.

Studio Location: 287 East Baker Street, Saint Paul, MN 55107

Benefits of musical study: Research shows that children who study a musical instrument do better in school, have superior listening and coordination skills and improved memory. Playing the piano is a brain workout! Integrating three of your five senses while processing complex information, playing the piano has been shown to activate more portions of the brain than anything else. Because playing the piano is a complex skill, poor instruction can lead to frustration and quitting. Expert individualized instruction can lead to a lifelong avocation, an enhanced appreciation for music, and the discipline to approach the learning of any skill with confidence and tenacity.

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